Elica Escg Bf 60 vs Hindware Cleo 60 Kitchen Chimney Comparison

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You can completely change the appearance of your kitchen by installing a perfect kitchen chimney. This appliance plays an important role in the everyday cooking experience. The constant exposure to strong aromas and smoke can develop various health problems. Therefore, this chimney is just appropriate for daily kitchen chores. 

Elica Escg Bf 60 vs Hindware Cleo 60 Kitchen Chimney Comparison

Underneath is a description of two popular kitchen chimneys by which you can choose the appropriate one for your kitchen:

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney

Elica Escg Bf 60
The Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero chimney provides you a powerful performance what you were longing for many times. Some significant features of this chimney are as follows:

Baffle Filter

The specific chimney has been designed in order to reduce the overall cleaning time. Its oil collector bowels should be washed depending on your usage (usually, once in a month). You do not have to put any extra efforts for cleaning its oil collectors.

Push Button Panel

If you have a dream of an elegant kitchen, then this chimney is capable to fulfill your dream by its outstanding design. It has come with a stylish push button control panel with which you can get an easy access to the incredible features of this chimney. It provides convenient usage facility so that you can experience a clean and fresh kitchen without any mess.


This chimney is able to match up with any type of kitchen interior and it also enhances the functional value. It is a robust product that will provide you various incredible facilities without taking a huge space in the kitchen. This small yet solid appliance will always provide you the top-class performance.

Max Air Flow

This chimney featured with an amazing (1100 m^3/Hr) of suction capacity and thus, it will be a beneficial addition to your kitchen. This chimney will provide you lots of comforts. It is an energy efficient and less noisy kitchen chimney that produces less noise.

LED Lamps

This particular kitchen appliance associated with 2 inbuilt LED lamps along with the 3 Watt of power consumption. You can easily continue your cooking without the worry of the lights.

Power Efficient

The design of this kitchen chimney provides premium effectiveness. You can purchase this chimney in at affordable price.

Hindware Cleo 60 Kitchen Chimney

Hindware Cleo 60
Some essential features of this kitchen chimney are described below:

Soft Touch Control

This feature helps you to carry out the operations easily with merely a single touch that has made this cooker hood an effortless and tech-savvy product.

Auto Clean Technology

Auto-clean is a modern feature, helping you in cleaning the oil and residue developed inside its motor. You can get rid of such substances with only one touch by taking help of the water.

Oil Collector

Its design is suitable for different Indian cooking habits for properly collecting the remainder and oil inside it in times of the operation.

Powerful Motor

This cooker hood featured with a strong motor, associated with the high-quality suction capacity and it is more durable to provide a greater operational life, lesser noise, and lesser power expenditure.

Baffle Filter

Its baffle filter constructed with the stainless steel and this baffle filter enables the air circulation appropriately in between its filters rapidly. 

Now, it is your turn to select the best kitchen chimney for your dream kitchen.

Kent Grand Plus Vs HUL Pureit RO Water Purifier Comparison

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With the growing rate of water pollution, it has become mandatory to install a powerful water purifier in every household. A drinking water must be free from germs, pollutants, and different chemicals as well.

Kent Grand Plus Vs HUL Pureit RO Water Purifier Comparison

There are many brands of water purifiers available on the market and you have to select the best water purifier among them. The features of two popular and prominent water purifiers are discussed below:

Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO

The impressive features of this water purifier are as follows:

RO + UV + UF with TDS Controller

Kent Grand Plus featured with the double purification of RO + UV + UF facility along with the TDS controller to maintain the crucial natural minerals.

8 Litres Storage Capacity

This water purifier associated with 8 litres of storing capacity (purified water) enabling you to quench your thirst as per your wish.

NSF, CE, ISI and WQA Gold Seal Certified

The particular model is WQA and NSF certified that provide you an assurance about its in-depth testing and it has met every requirement of the specific testing standards.

Inlet Water Purification from all of the Sources

This water purifier has the purification capability of the water, coming from multiple sources including tanks, bore-wells or the tap-water.

ABS Food Grade Plastic Construction

It has been built with using the ABS food grade plastic, ensuring longer life and higher durability of this purifier.

High Power UV Lamp

This incredible water purifier has been designed with 11 watt of UV lamp that is able to deactivate each of the micro-organism from the water.

Filter Change Alarm and UV Fail Alarm

The particular water purifier featured with two extraordinary facilities - filter change alarm along with the UV fail alarm to provide you the essential notification about the filters’ change. 

This water purifier also featured with Built in SMPS, Spin Welded RO Membrane, Fully Automatic Operation, and Push-Fit Components facility. It is providing a powerful filtration process.

HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO water purifier

Now, let us catch some of the significant features of this water purifier:

High Storage Capacity

This water purifier associated with 6 liters of tank capacity and it features an incredible auto shut off feature.

Engineering Grade Plastic Body

Its material has been made with the engineering grade plastic and this material is very stylish and highly durable. It also involved with a food grade. It is secure-to-use and easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain.

TDS Reduction of 90%

This prominent water purifier causes the TDS levels to the levels of safe drinking in water by eliminating 90% of total dissolved solids. It converts the hard water at most 1800 ppm into the sweet and soft water.

Extremely Effective and Long Lasting

The unique installation of large filter block is helpful in maximizing the particular contact time to provide the water purification guarantee and it increases the lifetime of the membranes and filters.

Leak-Free Fittings

The top quality fittings have come with a powerful grip that is providing the leak-proof seal. The users do not require additional leak detectors and clipping parts. 

It provides an easy installation and the advanced 6-stage purification facility as well.

Samsung GW731KD-S/XTL vs Morphy Richards 25CG Comparision - Best Microwave Oven in India

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Nowadays, Microwave Oven has become an integral appliance of the kitchens. It is used for cooking and reheating food items. You should opt for the best microwave oven from the variety of ranges. For your convenience, the description of two microwave ovens are discussed below:

Samsung GW731KD-S/XTL

The important features of this microwave oven are as follows:

Triple Distribution System

A conventional wave distribution system is distributing microwaves from the single Aperture Antenna. The particular Aperture Antenna featured with high efficiency yet low distribution capability. In this scenario, microwaves are focused to a specific fragment of the foods. 

To get rid of this issue, Samsung has developed TDS that cooks each segment of your food evenly with an assistance of the Aperture Antenna and two additional slot antennas with which the waves could be further widely distributed. 

Effective emission of the microwaves transfers into the better-cooked food. Models featured with the triple distribution system is able to bring the advantage of further cooking to the users, unsatisfied with the previous microwave ovens’ performance.

Auto Menu Feature

If you do not have sufficient time to read a cookbook, then with the help of this particular microwave’s auto menu, you will have something delicious. Now, you do not have to guess the cooking times along with temperatures. You just have to pick a specific menu and then press the particular button.

Suitable for Any Kitchen Place

This specific microwave oven occupies less space; in this way, the balance of your kitchen interior can be perfectly maintained.

From the Frozen to Fresh in a Small Time

Defrosting is a time-consuming matter and unpredictable as well. Many a time, the food remains soggy and hard. However, with the help of its Rapid Defrost feature, you can defrost the frozen foods evenly and quickly. Thus, the foods will be converted into the pre-frozen and fresh state.

Morphy Richards 25CG

Some incredible features of the particular microwave are described below:


Comprehensive Warranty of Product, You will get a good warranty period with this product.

Power Levels

You will be able to control a number of power levels for cooking according to the appropriate requirements and to make the superb dish.

Auto Cook

It featured with the pre-programmed menu for cooking ranges of pre-set dishes that will save you from the hassle of manual setting.

Stainless Steel Cavity

It provides better reflection capability of the specific microwave rays for uniform and faster heating that is very helpful for the improved cooking.

Multistage Cooking

You can easily programme this device for cooking the food at various stages along with power settings belonging to the specific cooking cycle.

Combination Cooking

With its 3 modes, you can use any of the combination of Microwave + Grill + Convection to make the automated meal.

Mirror Finish Door

You can decorate your kitchen with this extraordinary microwave oven. It will perfectly compliment any kitchen space with its outstanding reflective finish.

Auto-Defrost and Cook

You can effortlessly select the particular feature to defrost the food item automatically and cook them as per your preferred setting – everything in single step.

Extra Safety

It has important security features, such as a security code for avoiding the accidental use of this microwave by the children. 

Now, you can easily make your selection.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Treadmill At Home

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A treadmill is a very popular and effective exercise option. It does not dependent on the body shapes of the individuals. However, as per the level of exercisers (like beginners, advanced etc), different speeds can be chosen. The treadmill is one of the most popular and heavily used home exercise equipment. It offers efficient and straightforward aerobic workout.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Treadmill At Home

Benefits of Using Treadmill
People can be involved with cardio, fat-burning, and sprint-training workouts. It is very important to know the advantages of using treadmill for the exercise. It will help you to plan a 30-minute workout for improving the heart health, improve the overall sports performance, and burn calories. Let us explore some of the outstanding benefits of treadmill usage:

Heart Health: Walking, jogging, sprinting or running on a treadmill will be helpful to challenge one’s heart. The heart is nothing but a muscle. That is why; elevating the heart rate for a time span of 30-minute workout will help to improve the cardio capacity as well as stamina. As per the experts, 30-minute workouts are recommended on most of the days in a week in order to improve and retain heart health.

Improve Blood Cholesterol: Cholesterol means bad – this is a wrong concept because not all Cholesterol is harmful to you. Good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein is helpful to decrease the risk of developing atherosclerosis. 

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the arteries will be blocked that can result in heart attack along with stroke. 

Exercising like walking on the treadmill might help to boost the HDL levels. However, you should properly consult to an exercise expert. Some of the treadmills have come with programmable workouts that enable you to enter your height, age, and weight for achieving the appropriate speed for you.

Low Impact: If you are not able to perform the high-impact workouts on a regular basis including jogging, dancing, aerobic, jumping rope along with other exercises for which you have to leave the ground along with your feet, then the treadmill walking can be the appropriate option for you. Walking is regarded as one kind of low-impact exercise and a soft and best treadmill is more convenient surface as compared to concrete surfaces.

Improves Endurance and Stamina: Exercising for the duration of 30 minutes a day can help you in building muscular endurance and cardio stamina. It can be helpful in performing the physical activity with time. Slower or moderate-intensity walking for the longer periods can help you to build endurance and stamina. However, everything is dependent on the advice of the expert.

Burns Calories: Treadmill usage (as per the expert’s advice) will help you to burn calories.

Users can generally design the custom programs for setting the time of exercise. Besides that, multiple users can utilize this apparatus without any requirement of structure adjusting. 

Some of the treadmills are equipped with various outstanding features including heart rate monitors and step counters so that the progress of fitness can be tracked. Treadmill running usually burns calories faster compared to most of the other in-home exercise forms including biking. If you want to purchase a treadmill, then you should search for the best treadmill in india.

The 7 Best Treadmills in India for Home Use (In Budget)

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A treadmill is featured with various benefits and you are probably searching for a good treadmill. However, among the various brands, it might be difficult for you to select the best treadmill in india. 

Which is the Best Treadmill in India For Home Use

The following reviews about the best treadmill are described below: -

#1 Powermax Fitness TDA-230

Powermax Fitness TDA-230

The TDA – 230 motorized treadmill has been designed by Powermax Fitness. It is a perfect solution for having an outstanding gym workout at the home along with office. The 2.0 HP Continuous Motor provides a convenient and smooth ride in times when the LCD display helps to track your distance, speed, time, heart beat, calories burned along with fat measurement. 

The extraordinary performance and features that has been shown through this treadmill, have been attracted a large number of customers.

The attractive features of one of the best treadmill in india are as follows:-

Made for Home: The TDA – 230 is a compact, lightweight, and a foldable treadmill that is offering the convenient and appropriate space saving solution to create a home gym.

2.0 HP DC GREEN MOTOR: It is a reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that consumes less than 1-unit for 1 hour.

Soft Drop System along with Storage: The TDA – 230 is well equipped with unique foldable property along with the soft hydraulic release that is helpful to store the treadmill effortlessly in children's room, bedroom or slides under that room’s bed when it is not used, thanks to its space-saving feature. By pushing its Yellow button, its running board can be descended slowly. It is helpful to prevent the back injuries.

It is featured with safety locks hold that prevents it from the falling over while it is stored in the upright position. The transport wheels have made it easy-to-move and more convenient.

Auto Inclination: The Auto inclination property is helpful in inclination or declination of the running board from 0-15% on a single command. It is associated with Speed along with auto inclination Control Key on the hand rail.

Auto Lubrication: Auto Lubrication lubricates the running belt and ensures the smooth movement and zero friction of the running belt. It is helpful in increasing the running belt and motor life.

Broad Running Belt: It featured with a spacious running belt associated with a size of 50"x 16.5". It helps the users to accommodate easily in times of running and provides the full range of motion rather than feeling or uncomfortable or crammed during the exercise. Its Belt featured with Multi-ply polyester satin weave along with a PVC non-slip surface with a thickness of 1.8mm. Its running board (double layer) is designed with high density board with the thickness of 16mm.

Roller: It featured with steel crowned and precision-machined rollers that are involved with the dynamic balancing keeping the belt centered along with ensuring the running belt’s smooth movement and increasing the life of running belt and bearings.

Six Level Shock absorption: It is equipped with 6 big springs that are helpful in absorbing the shocks in times of running on the treadmill and reducing stress on the by 30 to 40% as compared to running in the outdoors. It is featured with 2 Extra PowerFlex large springs that provide assistance.

This treadmill also featured with Display, Music, Life Time Frame Warranty, Maximum User Weight Capacity, and Installation & Service Support.

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#2 Fit24 Fitness Treadmill

This best treadmill in india features are as follows:
Fit24 Fitness Treadmill

Its Running Area is 1260 x 420 MM and the Run Belt is featured with Multi-ply polyester satin weave along with a PVC non-slip surface of 1.8mm thickness.

Its Rollers are Precision-machined and Steel crowned rollers.

Its Max. User Weight is 115 kg. With the Wide LCD Display, you will be able to see the Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, and Pulse Rate. It is equipped with 12 No. of programs.

The particular Treadmill is well equipped with superior quality speakers, Audio input interface along with App system in order to connect & control treadmill with the mobile through Bluetooth.

It is featured with 2.0HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor that is sufficient for the user weight up to 120Kg. It has 2.0HP CHP motor. It is consuming less power, 1 unit for one hour duration of usage because it is a green efficient motor.

This specific treadmill does not require extra special skill and ability for installation, as it has come 95% preinstalled could be installed by himself as the company does not give any sort of installation or demo.

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#3 Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill

The features of this treadmill are as follows:-
Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill

Three Level Manual Incline: The treadmill surface could be manually inclined to the three levels for increasing or decreasing the steepness for various workout levels. This treadmill can be listed as the best treadmill in india.

HP DC Motor: The treadmill featured with a 2 HP DC motor that have made it prominent and convenient during recurrent power cuts. With the sake of 2 HP motor, this particular treadmill helps in maintaining the constant speed for an effective and efficient run. 

Wide Speed Range: The treadmill’s speed ranges from 1-14 km/hr that has made it appropriate for beginners as well as advanced like runners.

Wide Running Surface along with Rubber Cushion: It is well equipped with a running belt of length 1200 mm along with the width of 420 mm. The specific treadmill is providing a generous surface for running on. The surface made with rubber cushion for let you run comfortably. 

LCD Display with Six Functions: With the effective LCD display, you can easily check the distance, time, and speed. Besides these all parameters, you can effortlessly view hand pulse, calories burnt along with the running inclination.

Eight Workout Programs: With the help of its eight workout programs, one can work out at the different levels. 

Grip Pulse Sensor: This best treadmill in india for home use is involved with a grip pulse sensor, which senses the pulse rate and then displays it on the LCD screen.

Safety Lock System: This treadmill featured with a safety lock system through which it can be stopped in the emergency time and thus accidents along with injuries can be prevented.

Foldable with Wheels: This treadmill is cylinder-foldable that has made it easy-to-store, particularly in the smaller spaces. It can be effortlessly transported from one place to another.

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#4 Powermax Fitness TDA-260

Powermax Fitness TDA-260

The TDA – 260 motorized treadmill is a very useful gift from Powermax Fitness for all fitness lovers. It is a one-stop solution for gaining a type of gym workout at your comfort zone. The 2.0 HP Continuous Motor is offering a smooth and efficient ride. Its Color Touch display will track your time, distance, calories burned, speed, fat measurement, and heart beat. Its unique outstanding performance and features have attached many fitness lovers. It can be considered as the best treadmill in india. Some of the amazing features of this treadmill are as follows:-

Designed for Home: The TDA – 260 is a compact, lightweight, and foldable treadmill that is offering the perfect and appropriate space-saving solution for one’s home gym.

2.0 HP DC GREEN MOTOR: It is well equipped with reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that uses less than 1-unit for the duration of 1 hour.

Soft Drop System and Storage: The TDA – 260 is equipped with unique foldable feature along with the soft hydraulic release that is helpful in storing the treadmill in bedroom easily. It can be stored in children's room or it can slide under the bed (while you are not using it) with its space-saving feature. It is featured with safety locks for holding the treadmill in the folded position that will prevent the particular machine from falling (while it is stored in the upright position). The transport wheels have made it more useful, convenient and easy-to-move around many places. 

Auto Inclination: This amazing feature is helpful in inclination or declination of the particular running board from 0-15% on the single command. It is featured with Speed along with auto inclination Control Key on the hand rail.

Broad Running Belt:  It has the spacious running belt with the size of 51"x 18" that is capable to accommodate the user easily in times of running.

Roller: It is steel crowned and precision-machined rollers (along with the dynamic balancing) that are helpful in keeping the belt in centre. It also ensures the smooth movement for the running of the belt. It is helpful in increasing the life of the bearings along with running belt.

Display: It featured with the 7" Color Touch screen that displays speed, time, calories, distance, Fat + BMI measurement, and heart rate. Its 12 preset workout programs help the users for setting the variable exercise mode for the endurance training, weight loss training and its speed can automatically that is depending on the selected program.

Powermax Fitness TDA-260 featured with Music, Life Time Frame Warranty, Maximum User Weight Capacity, and Installation & Service Support.

#5 Quantico FS Treadmill

The FS-385 motorized treadmill is designed by Quantico Global India Pvt Ltd. It is simply a wonderful solution for doing workout at your convenient location. 
Quantico FS Treadmill

The specific treadmill featured with following properties:-

Its 2.0 HP Continuous (4.0 HP Peak) Motor provides a convenient and smooth ride and its LCD display tracks the time, distance, calories burned, speed along with the heart rate. The unique features and great performance of this treadmill help in achieving the fitness goal for a person.

It is a compact, lightweight, and foldable treadmill providing the sufficient space saving feature for creating a perfect home gym.

It has come with the reliable and quiet 2.0 HP DC motor along with the Green Efficient Technology that takes less than 1 unit electricity per hour. 

This treadmill featured with the Running area of 1260mm×420mm. It has an extraordinary foldable feature along with hydraulic release, sliding, or children's room under the bed whenever you are not using it. 

Its LCD screen displays speed, time, heart rate, calories along with fat and BMI measurement.

It has come with a safety lock that can hold the machine in the folded position and prevents its falling over when you have stored it in an upright position. It can be listed as the best treadmill in india 2017.

#6 Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill

This treadmill is included with the following features:-
Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe

4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill: You can bring home the extraordinary 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill that has been designed by Lifeline for experiencing an all-round fitness control. Its dynamic treadmill associates with a stepper along with a twister that is helpful in toning the abs and leg muscles along with panache. It can be referred to as the best manual treadmill in india.

User-friendly dashboard: It has user-friendly dashboard along with one electronic metre display. Its electronic metre involves with pre-installed functions including distance, speed, time, calories, and pulse that helps to monitor the health and workout with finesse.

Wider Jogging Surface: It has a wide jogging surface and the extra space provides the easy leg movement scope without any worry of unwanted space insufficiency.

Portable Treadmill: You can run and jog with this treadmill in your preferred choice. This smart and outstanding treadmill featured with wheels that enable one to transport this device from one space to another without any mess. This is a foldable treadmill and that is why it can be easily stored.

A twister for toning your muscles: This ultra modern treadmill featured with a well-balanced twister. 

This treadmill is also equipped with a wider jogging surface. It is an absolute portable treadmill. The particular treadmill can be regarded as the best treadmill for home use in india.

#7 LifelineLYSN5213 Manual Treadmill


This unique and ultra-modern treadmill designed by a reputed, prominent, and reliable house of Lifeline. It is a perfect combination of good appearance and functionality. 

It features a user-friendly dashboard along with the pre-installed functions including speed, scan, time, distance, pulse, and calories that is helpful in the monitoring one’s health efficiently. 

It is portable with the attached wheels and it is a great balance of strength and durability, as it featured with solid steel frames.

This treadmill is equipped with user-friendly dashboard along with electronic metre.

It boasts a wider jogging surface.

This portable treadmill offers an efficient and smooth running motion.
Its durable design implies this treadmill’s longevity. 

This can be regarded as the best treadmill brands in india.

The Only 5 Best ceiling Fans in India (Nov 2017) - Buyer's Guide

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Even if you have Air conditioner or air cooler in your home, you always need a good ceiling fan, as ceiling fan satisfy your need in all session (not only in summer) also it is low cost and long life solution for your heat problem. In summer, there are many areas in India where you must need to have a good ceiling fan which gives you sound sleep as the temperature is bound to cross 40 degree surely. Below are some of the top ceiling fans in India which are from popular brands.

Top 5 Best ceiling Fans in India 2017

In India, brands like Crompton, havells, orient, usha, bajaj fans, luminous are quite popular. They have good service, low price and good performance as well. We have considered many points and then shortlisted below 5 best ceiling fans for you, take a look.
  1. Orient Aeroquiet 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
  2. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  3. Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  4. Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  5. Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan
These are the top 5 ceiling fans which are quite popular in India, almost all the fans have priced below Rs.1500. now check out the reviews of these fans and features – price in India as well.
Best ceiling Fans in India

#1 Orient Aeroquiet 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Orient is one of the popular brand India which is being promoted by MS Dhoni itself. It has quite new style, aerodynamic profile blades, has 18 pole of strong motor with long durability. The rust does not stay on the blades for long time, 100 percent rust free blades.

This ceiling fan has 230 CFM of airflow and 1200 blade sweep speed. Orient has given 2 years of warranty on this ceiling fan, with 62 watts of power. It has bit costly price but has very good performance, can be used for long time.

#2 Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells is 2nd most popular brand in budgeted fans. They have very vast range of fans which you can buy it online. We have included havells leganza due to its super awesome performance and stylish design. And guess what, it has under Rs.2799 price in india.

This havells fan has 230 cmm of air delivery, 4 blades and 2 years of warranty as well. Available in gold and bronze color, if you have fan requirement for large room, you can go with this fan, it surely gives you good air.

#3 Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Usha brand was there when no one owned this fan market. They are constantly having good quality of fans This Usha Trump range has quite low price, high watts of motor and good warranty as well.

This fan has good RPM speed with unique blade angle, Electroplated unique design and 78 watts of powerful motor. Usha has given 1 year of warranty on this fan, and priced under Rs.1599. 

#4 Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton is most popular brand in india with simple design but long durable fans range. This fan has 320 RPM of speed, has 1200mm of sweep speed and good performance. if you are looking for low budget solution for you bedroom fan, this can be good option.

This fan has 77 watts of double bearing motor which has 1 year of warranty from Usha. Low cost solution for your home, with quality product. This fan is available in brown, white, ivory color as well.

#5 Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj has the most low priced fans in India. This Bajaj Bahar series is priced nearly Rs.1200 only. This fan has 380 RPM of motor speed, 190 CMM of air delivery and 80 watts of most powerful motor. For consistent quality, they have included automatic winding. 

It has high speed, ribbed blades, quick re-start motor, and double ball bearing and everything. Bajaj has given 2 years of warranty on this fan.

Final Words: - These are the best ceiling fans in India, with high quality performance, low price and great features. Take a look and go for the ceiling fan which suits your budget the most. Every fan has their own importance. You can also check Crompton fans special reviews here.

The demands of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers are increasing day by day. However, you cannot underestimate the importance of having a Ceiling Fan in your home. During the scorching summer, Ceiling Fan can provide you the sufficient cooling. It is a low cost and long-term solution. Moreover, many people cannot afford Air Conditioner or Air Cooler and so, they can only rely on a good Ceiling Fan. 

There are a large number of branded Ceiling Fans available in the affordable prices from which you can select the best one for your home. The following reviews on top Companies’ Ceiling Fan can help you to make a better decision.

For more ceiling fans review, keep visiting us.

Points To Consider while Buying Hand Blenders

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Hand blenders are one of the useful kitchen appliances that can be used in various preparations. It is heavily used to pure a number of foods including sauce, curry, chutney etc. Its blade is capable to withstand the heating temperature and therefore, you can puree the food even inside your cooking pan. It greatly reduces your time and effort. 

Points To Consider while Buying Hand Blenders

Hand Blenders
Hand blenders are used to prepare salad dressing, baby food, soup, smoothie etc. With its different available blades, you can also whisk an egg, chop or cream food like onion and garlic finely. Now, if you wish to buy a hand blender for your daily kitchen chores, then the following points can be helpful for you:

Immersion or Countertops: Immersion blenders are also known as stick blenders. These are handheld small blenders linked to a rotating blade at the long stick’s end. These blenders are usually used to hand blender different ingredients in bowls or glasses. They work efficiently to puree a sauce or a soup etc.

Counter top blenders are designed for one’s counter top featured with a large jar that is linked to a stand containing the blender controls. These types of blenders are appropriate for smoothies and food or even crushing the ice.

These two types of blenders have some overlapping jobs but their size and appearance are widely varied. 

Motor Wattage/Horsepower: Blenders are associated with two variations in their horsepower. The first one is maximum or peak horsepower. This horsepower occurs whenever the blender is turned on and it is not the true horsepower in which it runs in. The second one is rated horsepower that is considered as the steady horsepower that its motor could maintain. 

Therefore, you have to be careful about the advertisement in which one brand can advertise their peak horsepower whereas aother brand can advertise the true rated horsepower. You choose the appropriate the blender without any confusion. 

You can distinguish between the blender motors by directly searching for the wattage becauase it will show the exact power of the motor. You have to remember, one electrical horsepower equals 746 watts.

Available Controls:
The blenders are associated with the variations in their available controls. The count of blending options may differ in different blenders, such as some of them might come with 3 speeds and the others may have the options for blend, puree, crushed ice, smoothie etc. It is up to you how many such options you require for your said blender. 

Some of the models may have manual controls through which you can press along with hold down its buttons for selecting a speed. To change the speeds, you have to hit some other button. Besides the manual, microprocessor blenders are available involving with programmed blend cycles. With this model, you can hit a button and do other works while it is going through a number of speeds and spins for blending the ingredients.

You should also consider the material of the jar like glass, Polycarbonate or plastic, Stainless Steel. The budget should be also considered as per your requirements. Through these tips, you may purchase the best hand blender for your kitchen.