The Best 32 inch LED TV in India (2017) - Review of *IamDeepa*

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If you are thinking to purchase a brand new and best 32 inch led tv in india, then there are various brands available to choose from. Nowadays, people are looking for various features in one TV and amongst so much of choices, sometimes it becomes a difficult task to choose the best TV that is included with the advanced features. But, for your convenience, a list of top 10 led tv in india is given below, so that you can choose the appropriate TV for your home.

Top 10 Best 32 inch LED Tv in India (Compare Price)

  1. Samsung 32J4003-SF
  2. LG 32LH576D
  3. Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E
  4. Micromax 32HIPS621HD
  5. Samsung FH4003
  7. Kevin Kn20
  8. SanyoXT-32S7100F
  9. Panasonic 32D400D
  10. BPL Vivid BPL080D51H
So, these are the top 10 32 inch led tvs of india, now check out the detail reviews of all the above mentioned LED Tvs with their specification, features and user feedback.

Review of Top 32 Inch LED TV in India 

Below are reviews of best Led tv of india from popular brands like Samsung, sony, micromax, LG, Panasonic, BPL etc.

#1 Samsung 32J4003-SF

Samsung 32J4003-SF
  • High-quality Display and Beautiful Design: You will have an incredible viewing experience with your brand new Samsung 32J4003 LED TV. It is perfectly combined with narrow bezel, slim design along with smooth finish. All of these features have made it full with an amazing aesthetic appeal. It has 91.9 x 50.3 x 12.7 cm of size and 13 Kg of weight. This particular TV can be perfectly fit on shelves, consoles, and hooked on your wall. It is featured with 32-inch HD LED display that is offering sharp images and bright colors. It is associated with 1366x768 pixels of pixel resolution and thus you will get an enhanced and mind-blowing picture quality. It has 720 p of widescreen display that allows its viewers to watch their favorite shows effortlessly and seamlessly from their desired angle. The Samsung LED TV is featured with an impressive HyperReal Picture Engine that will give you an awesome theatrical experience whenever you watch HD movies.
  • Increased Audio Quality: This TV is associated with an advanced and incredible sound quality along with Dolby Digital Plus Sound Technology added with dual 5 W speakers that will be appropriate for viewing movies with deep and rich audio output. Its internal speakers are involved with Down Firing Bass Reflex property that distributes the HD sound evenly from each corner in its placing. The Virtual Surround Sound System gives the amplified and soothing sound.
  • Ocean of Unlimited Entertainment: The Samsung LED TV is featured with the Smart Mobile Link facility that enables the viewers to connect to their mobile device very easily and thus they will enjoy their mobile device contents on the bigger screen. It also has USB ports and HDMI ports with which you can connect the television to various media devices, such as Smartphone, laptops, and also pen drives. One has to insert the USB flash drive into the USB 2.0 port for watching videos, movies and so on. Many video formats are supported by it that will let you enjoy almost every kind of files.
  • Lesser Power Consumption along with Additional Features: It is a marvelous energy-efficient device. It consumes 10 W of power only. So, now you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills while watching your desired shows. The Samsung Screen Capture technology lets you freeze the incredible moments for viewing later. This best 32 inch led tv in india is associated with OSD language support with which one can view the TV in their preferred Indian language. The easy-to-handle remote controller will allow every viewer to operate the Samsung LED TV in an easy and convenient way.

#2 LG 32LH576D

  • LG Smart TV: Its design lets the viewers get a superior cinematic experience. Its innovative and simple design along with great functionality has made it an incredible gift to all the viewers. One can connect LG’s Smart TV with their other devices very easily.
  • Miracast: Its Miracast is certified with WiFi Alliance with which individuals can enjoy fast and easy connection among the TV, Tablets, and Smart phones without the wires that enable the easy transfer along with sharing various digital contents on your TV screen.
  • Netflix: With LG Smart TV, you can easily enjoy the shows and other great entertainment movies and shows that are included with original and award winning series of Netflix.
  • Wi-Fi Built-in: You can amazingly enjoy amazing home entertainment along with the Wi-Fi Built-in feature. LG Smart TV is featured with the Wi-Fi chip built in with which the viewers can enjoy greater access and connectivity to along with from this TV.
  • Clear Voice III: It is featured with Clear Voice III property that enhances the sound quality through the separating of voices from the background noise for providing the viewers a crisp and clear listening experience. Now, you can enjoy the content without the distraction with the help of Clear Voice III.
  • Incredible Looks: Now design your adorable living space by bringing this latest metallic design. On particular Models/ Series, this particular may applicable.
  • Smart Energy Saving: The specific and best 32 inch led tv in india is featured with the ‘smart energy saving’ feature that will be helpful in power consumption. This specific feature is associated with backlight control in order to adjust brightness along with a screen-off feature with which the picture can be turned off and also its standby mode zero function enables this tv for hibernating effectively with the use of zero electricity.
  • Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth: It’s incredibly narrow bezel and slim depth design enables the bezel and screen to blend with one another beautifully. This tv is also included with other amazing features.

#3 Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E

Sony Bravia KLV-32R302E
  • Incredible Picture Quality and Clear Resolution Enhancer: The ‘Clear Resolution Enhancer - Picture enhancement’ technology enables you an amazing viewing experience. It will help you in viewing the accurate color and details with the mind- blowing brightness.
  • Smartphone Plug & Play for Enjoying the Smartphone Contents: You can easily enjoy the smartphone music, photos, or videos with the help of a very simple connection on the BRAVIA. One just has to connect his/her Android smartphone to the BRAVIA by the micro USB cable and thus all of the smartphone contents can be navigated through the TV remote with amazing sound and better picture.
  • X-Protection Pro for Long Life of TV: This best 32 inch led tv in india is a durable and strong TV as it is not associated with any ventilation hole(s) on its back and thus dust will stay out. It is featured with Advanced protection shields that prevent Short-circuits, Lightening caused by unstable electricity and high moisture.
  • Super Multi-Format USB Play: You can now easily connect your USB and can enjoy the video clips, music, photo collections through this TV that is associated with the USB play of super multi-format. It provides support to various formats so you can easily plug it and enjoy.
  • Multi Indian Languages: The viewers can navigate this tv in the various Indian regional languages. Just they have to make a selection of their preferred language and it will be ready to communicate as per your selection. You will also have other various amazing features with this tv.

#4 Micromax 32HIPS621HD

Micromax 32HIPS621HD
  • SRS Surround Sound: With this incredible and impressive feature, you can bring the theatre in your home with the boosting audio clarity along with the SRS surround sound like the theatre enable the viewers to hear high frequencies, bass, and dialogues with perfection.
  • HDMI along with USB: Micromax TVs provide its support to the HDMI inputs for giving the incredible power for turning one’s living room to the centre of multimedia entertainment with which individuals can watch all of their favourite videos in the one place.
  • AVEA Technology: Now, ready to sense a mind-blowing experience with its Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture. Its AVEA technology will give life to the videos.
  • 5 Band Equalizer: This best 32 inch led tv in india is featured with the incredible 5-Band Graphic Equalizer so that the sound frequencies can be adjusted as per one’s preference. Now, the richer and amazing listening experience along with the optimized settings is ready to explore.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Many viewers are worried about their electricity bills for watching the tv but now, all the worries will vanish with its ultra-low power consumption feature and the result is reduced electricity bills.

#5 Samsung FH4003

Samsung FH4003
  • A Slim Design LED TV: If you want to explore the incredible audio with visual experience, then the Samsung FH4003 HD Ready LED TV can be a perfect option for you. It is associated with 9.3 x 73.8 x 44.2 cm of slim dimensions along with an amazing black bezel for an impressive with sleek look. It is also featured with 32 inches screen with 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution that will provide the viewers a vibrant and bright picture display. It includes with HyperReal Engine technology that increases its video display. Now, you can view your favorite shows with an amazing visual experience.
  • Advanced Technology with Superior Sound: This tv is full with the latest auto-noise removal technology that provides the viewers a clear and amazing picture quality because it is capable to remove the Analog and Digital noise from the air and the cable. Now, enjoying the crisp images will be possible with the impressive picture quality improvement algorithm. This tv is featured with the advanced and amazing Sports Mode with which one can get the incredible picture and sound like stadium and the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology of the Samsung will augment the smallest details for giving you the visual clarity and images of high quality.  It is also linked to Dolby Digital Plus sound system along with the DTS studio sound for providing the clear sound in any volume along with a powerful bass with the sharp treble. You can experience an awesome visual quality with the premium sound quality.
  • Connectivity along with Accessories: This  best 32 inch led tv in india has come with 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port so that one can easily connect the TV with his/her external devices. It has come with batteries, one remote control, vesa wall mount support, mini wall mount support, user manual, and power cables. So, be ready to go through an amazing and mind blowing experience with its incredible features.


  • It is an HD Ready TV with the resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • This best 32 inch led tv in india is associated with the LED Display Technology along with the Screen Size of 32 Inches.
  • Its maximum Display Resolution is 720p HD Ready.
  • It is featured with IPS Advanced LED Panel along with Thin Bezel.
  • It is included with Floor Stand and Wall Mount features.
  • The TV has come along with 4 Picture Modes and Edge LED of Backlight technology.
  • Its Aspect Ratio is 16:9 and featured with Local Dimming Type. It is also featured with 2 Number of Speakers and 20W of Total Sound Output.
  • It is included with 2 HDMI and 1 USB along with Headphone Out facility and Component Video Input feature.
  • It supports 4 Video Playback Formats and 4 Audio Playback Format.
  • It comes with the Warranty Period of 1 Year.

#7 Kevin Kn20

Kevin Kn20
  • It is well-equipped with several impressive features. It is a 32" HD LED Television that is featured with the A+grade Display Panel.
  • Its Resolution is 1366x768 pixels and also associated with Power Audio, Eco Vision, Cinema Mode along with 178/178 degree wide viewing.
  • The various Connectivity options are 2 numbers of the HDMI, 2 numbers of USB, 2 numbers of AV, and 1 number of PC and RF. It includes with HRDD Technology and Slim bezel. Its Total Sound Output is 20W.
  • Its Connectivity ports are 2 USB and 2 HDMI.
  • It is involved with 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is featured with Bluetooth, HRDD Technology, Power Audio Volume, In Built Games, Eco Vision, Wireless Headphone Control, Auto Sleep, and Cinema Zoom.

#8 Sanyo XT-32S7100F

Sanyo XT-32S7100F
  • FHD: You will experience a stunning and incredible picture quality along with the sharp images with vivid colors and for the high definition resolution of 1920x1080.
  • Wide Viewing angles: In every angle, an individual can experience the perfect color reproduction and contrast for its wide viewing angles.
  • Dot Noise Reduction or Sharpness: This best 32 inch led tv in india is well-equipped with its extraordinary noise reduction technology so that you can perfectly enjoy your favorite TV contents without any noise.
  • Reduced Motion Blur: Now, you don’t have to be distracted with the motion blur because its low response rate makes sure the optimal motion viewing.
  • Real Colors: With this specific TV, one can amazingly experience the realistic and bright colors. Now, enjoying the TV will be easy with these life colors.
  • Incredible Modes: It is also featured with predefined Sports Mode and Cinema mode for enjoying the sporting events and favorite movies.
  • Enhanced Skin Tone: It is featured with the advanced technology and so one can view the enhanced skin tone for the mind-blowing experience.

#9 Panasonic 32D400D

Panasonic 32D400D
  • Backlight Motion Rate: This extraordinary feature has solved the problem of losing judder and resolution during motion.
  • Dot Noise Reduction: Its Dot Noise Reduction feature eliminates the 'dot noise’ from the TV screen. The correction processing and unique noise detection of this feature, one can seamlessly enjoy the shows without any random noise.
  • Seamless Viewing of Videos and Photos: One can now cherish his/her favorite moments of multimedia content on the TV screen. Just one has to slot his/her USB memory sticks to the TV’s appropriate sockets. With various customization options, one can customise playback.
  • Connect One’s HDMI Device: One can very easily connect his/her device like the latest game machines and the BD player with the help of an HDMI cable. Now, enjoying the advanced AV entertainment is possible.

#10 BPL Vivid BPL080D51H

BPL Vivid BPL080D51H
  • Incredible Resolution: With its HD Ready technology, you can experience even the finer details very clearly. Sharp and high contrast resolution will enhance your TV watching experience.
  • Seamless Connectivity: It supports ranges of input sources with connect and play facility through a Hard Disk, USB stick or from your PC and also tuning in with your headphones to experience your favorite contents.
  • Distortion-Free Viewing Angle: It provides distortion-free and wide viewing from various angles so that you can view every moment.
  • It is also featured with Input of 2 HDMI, 2 USB and 1 VGA and 16 W output of Audio.
With the help of this top 10 32 inch led tv in india, you can easily find out the perfect choice for you along with your family. But, before purchasing don’t forget to compare led tv in india to explore your favorite features. 

Now, you will decide which is the best led tv in india in 32 inches that have covered all of your needs and which deserves to be the best led tv brand in india 2017.

Review of HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO - Water Purifier in India

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Water is regarded as life and it should be pollution free. We need pure and water for our daily requirement. Water pollution is a threat of today and for that reason, many water borne diseases affect many people. Chemicals and other contaminations also affect human health. All of these problems can be solved with the help of an appropriate water purifier. Some advantages of the best water purifiers are as follows:

Review of HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO - Water Purifier in India

HUL Pureit 5 Ltrs Classic RO
Protect against the Harmful Organisms: Water may be contaminated with microorganisms that may cause vomiting, diarrhea etc. A proper water purification system damages these harmful microorganisms for making the water clean and safe for drinking.

Remove Toxic Metals: Polluted with can be contaminated with minerals, such as magnesium and copper along with microorganisms. Some of the minerals may not create any health problems but they may create reactions along with other types of minerals present in the water and as a result, deposits can cause that can make an unsuitable water for drinking. Some other minerals, such as copper and lead, can be contaminated with water and can create health problems.

Perfect Taste
: The taste of water is also another important criterion. Contaminated water may be associated with some awkward taste. But, with the help of an appropriate water purifier, the perfect taste of the water is achieved.  

So, it is very important to stay away from these types of contaminated and polluted water. RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers are the best method in order to treat the hard water and these types of water purifiers remove various toxins, such as mercury, lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, Chlorine that can cause health issues. Lead can be responsible for anemia and brain damage. 

There are various water purifier brands in the market but you should select the best one among the rest. The superb features of this incredible Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier are as follows:
The Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier is a high performing and incredible water purifier that is featured with a 6 stage purification technology. It gives you pure and clean drinking water. It is suitable for any kinds of water resources like tap water, bore wells, and hard water. It decreases the TDS of water and also destroys each and every harmful microbe for providing a safe and pure drinking water.

6 Stage Purification Technology: In this particular water purifier, the water purification process starts in the pre sediment filter. It removes the coarse impurities along with dirt perfectly from this inlet water. Its second stage is featured with an amazing pre-RO carbon filter. It helps to remove bad odor, organic compounds, chlorine from the water. At stage three, an incredible carbon sediment filter perfectly removes the final impurities. It also improves the life of this particular RO membrane. Its unit of reverse osmosis removes total dissolved heavy metals and salts from the water. At the next level, an impressive ultraviolet filter destroys each and every micro organism along with cysts, exist in water. In the last phase, a post RO carbon filter perfectly strains the remaining (if any) microscopic impurities. A perfect taste is also added by it in the water.

90 per cent Reduction of TDS
: This Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier removes 90% of overall dissolved solids.

Storage Capacity: It is involved with a tank along with the capacity of incredible 5 liters. This purifier is also associated with an amazing auto shut off function. 

Engineering Grade Plastic Body: This water purifier is featured with an incredible engineering grade plastic. It is very stylish and durable. It is safe for using and also very easy to maintain and clean. 

GermKill Kit: Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier’s Germkill performance fulfills the international standards for microbiologically safe drinking water. It’s combined filters along with ultraviolet filtration phases make sure of the maximum micro organisms removal.

Other Important Factors: It is perfectly suitable for most of the houses as well as buildings (multi storied) as it is associated with the rating at pressures of up to 2 Bars.

So, Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier is really a great water purifier with all types of important features.

We can’t compromise with the water health as it is directly connected with our health and with this small investment, you can achieve a better health for you and your family. Clean and purified water is our basic need and Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier can be the best water purifier for you and your family. You should install this water purifier at your home as early as possible.

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater - High Rated Water Purifier

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We are living in a fast life, where every moment is important for us and in this age of instant interaction, we require instant connectivity and so Instant Electric Geyser or Instant Water Heater we need the most in our everyday life. With the help of this amazing device, we can take a shower with hot water without any mess. It is particularly perfect for such days in which we have to go faster. This Instant Geyser allows us to reduce our time frame of bath and make a quick refresh. Really, it is the perfect and incredible home appliance. 

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater - High Rated Water Purifier

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15
Now, from a number of brands, which water heater will perfectly fulfill your requirement? AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 water heater is a superb device in this regard. The incredible and impressive features of AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 are as follows:

It is associated with a thermal cut-off (automatic) for preventing damage and from harm. It comes with a special anode core of stainless steel that provides a protection to its tank from rust erosion. Its water tank is properly lined with the Blue Diamond glass that ensures a long life of this geyser. It is also equipped with an amazing safety element particularly in its 4 in 1 safety valve property. It has come with a rating of BEE 5-star that provides an assurance of its efficiency and also provides an impressive guarantee of the energy conservation. It is featured with a compact blue along with white body. This device can be easily mounted on your kitchen’s wall, bathroom’s wall or your preferred location. 

You can freshen up as well as can get a soothing experience through the installation of the AO Smith 15L SDS Geyser. It provides a continuous hot water flow. It is associated with an incredible capacity of 15 litre and it is also involved with an impressive heating element (glass coated) that gives heating to the water. The amazing system of AO Smith Colour Match enables the water heater to incredibly match up your bathroom’s color. You can know more details about it by contacting them. 

Advanced Technology: It is included with double coated and glass-linked incredible tank. It provides the maximum protection and safety against the hard water along with corrosion.

Superior Quality: It’s best and incredible quality provides the protection that you are associated with the best water heater that works amazingly with the conditions of Indian water.

Longer Warranties: It has come with a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank along with comprehensive 2 years and other warranties.

Energy Saving: It is involved with BEE 5 star rating that means it is a great energy efficient product.
Made Better: It is built in the most advanced and modern factory of water heater in India.

Glass Coated Heating Element: If sediment and scale are built-up on the element’s surface, then it can experience a premature failure. The incredible Glass Coating of A.O. Smith helps in preventing the unwanted scale formation and thus it extends the precious heating element’s life.

Blue Diamond Glass Lining: The Blue Diamond technology enhances the precious inner tank’s life. Its lining is very powerful along with stronger corrosion resistant compared to others.

Temperature Control Knob: It is involved with an incredible temperature control knob that enables an individual to decide the temperature between the ranges of 25ºC to 75ºC. This impressive feature is only available in EWSH series.

Four Years Extended Warranty: This tank is featured with a warranty of 7 years. Its heating element has come with a warranty of 2 years. It is also included with some other warranty benefits for which you can contact them.

Anode Rod: This tank comes with an incredible anode rod that is incredibly featured with the core of stainless steel that is developed for giving a protection this tank from the corrosive elements. Its anode rod is especially involved with a feature of special cathodic action for fighting these elements. As a result, the lifetime of this water heater extends.

Thermal Cutout: If the temperature of the water exceeds the topmost or highest preset rank, then the incredible thermal cutout the then cuts off its power supply for assuring safety.

Safety Valve: It is involved with the safety valve that is developed to relieve along with discharge water particularly when the specific pressure exceeds the particular preset limits.

Quality is very important for your every device. So, always go for the best water heater and for that reason, install AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 today.

Review of Gliese Magic Room Air Purifier - High Rating Air Purifier

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Air is a crucial need for all of us and this should be further corrected as ‘fresh air’ as polluted air can only degrade our healthy quality. Pollution is increasing day by day and in this scenario, it is very important to protect ourselves. But, most of the people are worried about outdoor pollution and many of them even don’t know that indoor pollution can be equally detrimental of our health.

Review of Gliese Magic Room Air Purifier

Gliese Magic Room Air Purifier
A healthy respiratory system is very important for a healthy life but air pollution can create several complications in our respiratory system. Allergy is another health issue that is causing for polluted air. So, it’s a high time that we should take care of our indoor air quality as much as the outdoor air quality. The kitchen fumes, smokes, several chemicals, allergens, dust, dirt, skin dander etc can create severe air pollution inside our room and only a top-class and advanced air purifier can help and save us from this difficult scenario. It is really very important for us and our family to breathe in a fresh and clean air that is free from all sorts of pollutants.

There are large of brands of air purifier around us, so sometimes, it can be confusing to select the best air purifier for home. With Gliese Magic Room Air Purifier, you can make an impressive atmosphere of your interior. 

The impressive features of Gliese Magic Room Air Purifier are as follows:-

A CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 140m3/h: It is perfect for a room that is associated with 40 sq. Mts. It is featured with impressive features for which you can get healthy and clean breathing for a strong CADR that is well-equipped with it.

5 Stage Efficient Air Purification: Its five-stage air purification makes sure that your room becomes free of all sorts of allergens. It is well-equipped with the HEPA filter, Pre filter, UV filter, Activated carbon filter, and Anion generator that have made it a powerful and scientific air-purifier of the latest time.

SMART technology: It is incredibly associated with the indicator of four-color air quality that will inform you about the interior air quality in the real time. It’s impressive Auto Mode adjusts its fan speed automatically as per the room’s present air quality. It is also involved with a flexible timer function that makes higher notch of the device. A great advantage is its noise free and ultra quiet functions.

Incredible HEPA: It is perfectly designed so that it can absorb the air from each and every side. As it is equipped with a top-class and highly-efficient 360° HEPA filter, so it is highly capable of removing Benzene, Formaldehyde, and PM 2.5 that ensure science at each Nano scale.

Advanced Pre-filter: It is associated with the washable filter that helps to trap the large particles of dust as well as the hair of humans and pets, dander and so on. Sometimes, your interior air may carry large particles and thus it can cause major harm and issues to the human skin along with the respiratory system. It’s pre-filter is developed and designed such a way that it can check the harmful allergens and as a result, it completely purifies the interior air.

Incredible Carbon Filter: It’s impressive Carbon filter has come with the dense and impressive carbon granules. As a result, it eliminates harmful gases, bad odors, and chemicals and other harmful elements from the interior air. These harmful chemicals can cause nose, eye, throat, and lung irritation, nausea and headaches.

Intelligent and Impressive Ion Generator: The Ionizer makes this air purifier one of the best ones. It provides the surety of the double protection because it sets about releasing the intense and small electric fields that are able to react with the positively charged air elements as well as it also neutralizes microbes like mold spores, germs, and viruses in the interior. Such types of neutralized particles can fall on your floor or can get filtered.

Round Shape: It is incredibly associated with a round shape that makes sure of the air purification in 360 degree. It is a silent-most and impressive air purifier that is able to work quietly and also intelligently due to the science in each millimetre. This air purifier takes the air from all around the surrounding from every possible angle and then it processes these harmful pollutants from each and every side. Lastly, it disperses them evenly around the room. It’s amazing shape manages equal, fast, and clean air distribution.

Interior air quality should not be neglected unless various health problems can occur. So, install an air purifier today.

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney Review

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Every modular kitchen requires a stylish and efficient modular chimney as it will provide you a relief from the unwanted smokes, fumes, and dirt. A perfect kitchen chimney will save your precious tiles from the unwanted sticky fumes. It can also suck all the kitchen smokes instantly and thus make your kitchen smokeless along with smell free. 

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero Kitchen Chimney Review

Elica Escg Bf 60 Nero
A high rating kitchen chimney also prevents the roofs and walls from turning black. So, you have to choose that type of kitchen chimney that is featured with powerful suction capacity. Modular kitchen chimneys can instantly suck the entire aroma of vapor of the food and make your kitchen fresh and pollution free.

Kitchen chimneys are really aesthetically appealing and enhance the beauty of your kitchen to a great extent. But, now an important question can arise which kitchen chimney can fulfill all of your requirements? All of your requirements can be perfectly fulfilled by Elica's ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney as it is featured with the world-class and advanced design that will fully change your overall cooking experience. Some impressive features of this kitchen chimney are described below:

Elica's ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney is a reputed and reliable name in the field of Kitchen Chimney and it has the ability to make your kitchen the most beautiful and stylish space in your home. It is well-equipped with energy-efficient and soothing LED lights for providing a perfect view to its built in hob. KEN 60 PB BF is associated with an incredible ultra shiny steel panel. The stunning features- powerful Perimetric suction, impressive design, and low noise levels have made this kitchen chimney an incredible gift for your kitchen.

With the stunning design of Glace kitchen chimney, you can truly enhance the look of your modular kitchen. In the everyday kitchen, you probably experience lots of hassles and Elica's ESCG BF 60 NERO kitchen chimney can give you a relief from these hassles. If you expose yourself continuously in the smoke along with strong aromas, then it can affect your health and so this particular chimney is developed to fulfill all of your needs.

It will give you a strong performance always. This kitchen chimney has come with one year warranty and its Motor has come with 5 year Warranty. Metal Grease Filters, Rotor- all of these parts are covered under its warranty. Each and every electronic part is associated with the warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchasing and glass is not categorized under warranty. Its suction capacity implies the maximum capacity of the air flow of the assembly of its motor group that runs at the optimal level involved with approx +/- 5%variation.

Baffle Filter: This chimney is developed and designed in such a way that it is completely capable to reduce your cleaning time. You just have to wash its oil collector bowels one time in a month (it is dependent on your usage). You don’t have to put any extra effort for cleaning its oil collectors.

Push Button Panel: This kitchen chimney is featured with the incredible and latest push button control panel with which you can easily access each and every feature of this chimney. ESCG BF 60 Touch Nero kitchen chimney is really easy-to-use in order to make your kitchen clean and fresh without any mess.

Dimension: This Elica chimney can match with any type of kitchen style and it also helps to add a great functional worth to your kitchen. It is a robust product and it can adjust itself in a smaller space also. This small but powerful kitchen chimney will provide the true joy of cooking.

Max Air Flow (1100 m^3/Hr): This chimney has come with a (1100 m^3/Hr) suction capacity. It is really providing an impressive addition to your kitchen. This kitchen chimney provides you comfier as well as it helps the kitchen stay clean and fresh and as this kitchen chimney is less noisy, energy efficient, and low on the maintenance.

LED Lamps: It is involved with 2 LED lamps (inbuilt) along with 3 Watt of power consumption capability for one’s convenience. So, from now onwards, you don’t have to face light issues during cooking.

Power Efficient: It is associated with a perfect design and durability that have made it greatly effective. This kitchen chimney is also very affordable and budget-friendly.

So, with Elica's ESCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen Chimney, you can easily improve the interior and quality of your kitchen without much concern about your electricity bill. If you want to make your kitchen smell free, smokeless, and fresh, then you should purchase a kitchen chimney for your modular kitchen

Review of Philips Daily Collection HR1459 (Philips Hand Blender)

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Hand blenders are also known as immersion blenders that can be an absolutely handy and easy-to-use gadget for your kitchen. You can make single drinks or pureeing soups in which the large blenders can make an inconvenience. Certain hand blender brands are associated with one chopping blade with which you can easily and simply chop small quantity of vegetables, onions etc and also it can be associated with a whisk in order to whip egg whites or for making mayonnaise. You should not confuse between hand blenders and hand mixers. 
Philips Daily Collection HR1459

You can assemble your Best hand blender of 2017 as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Most of the immersion blenders are associated with an upper part along with a lower attachment part that is screwed or snapped together. If the hand blender is operated with the battery, then you have to make sure that the batteries get charged before using.

You can make delicious food items with your hand blender. At first, you have to mix fresh fruit, milk or juice along with ice in one glass. Now, immerse your blender in that glass and then turn its switch in a high mode. Blend it, until it gets smooth.

You can also use the hand blender for blending ingredients in your pan in order to get pureed or creamy vegetable or tasty fruit soups or baby food. You have to simply cook your favouite fruits or vegetables until it gets soft. Now, immerse the hand blender, then turn on it and then puree it until smooth. 

You can use your immersion blender for making lump-free smooth gravy. Just combine the required gravy ingredients onto the pan for blending it until gets smooth.

So, you can easily understand how much a hand blender can be helpful for you in your kitchen chores. Now, an important question possibly arises that amongst lots of hand blender brands, which one you should choose. Today, we will discuss Philips Daily Collection HR1459 hand blender that will surely fulfill your expectation.

Now, all of your mixing, kneading, and whisking tasks will be effortless and easy with this advanced hand blender in your kitchen. The specific hand blender is equipped with top-class and dedicated five speed settings from which you can select as per the type of dish you are going to prepare.

Product Description: You can also bake delicious cakes along with mouth-watering dips with this brand new hand blender. With the help of such handy appliance, one can mix, knead, and whisk with ease.

Very powerful Motor of 300 W: It is powered by a motor that has the capacity of 300 W. This hand blender can perfectly whip, beat, and knead.

5 Speed Plus Turbo: This superb appliance is featured with the 5 speed incredible settings along with an impressive turbo feature. This particular blender enables an individual to prepare lots of recipes, such as toscana bread, knead batter, and mayonnaise dip. If anyone wants to prepare a smooth and fine paste by mixing all the ingredients together, then he/she should press as well as hold the specific turbo button at the time of processing.

Stainless Steel Strip Beater along with Dough Hooks: It is perfectly designed and developed with strip beaters that are made with stainless steel and also it is featured with dough hooks that have made this appliance very easy to clean and use.

Cord Storage Clip: This appliance is equipped with one clip in order to wrap along with store the specific chord after using.

Package:  The overall package includes a hand mixer, Stainless steel strip beaters, and Stainless steel dough hooks.

Price and warranty: Price of this particular product is Rs. 2,195.00 and it has come with 2 years warranty on the product.

Durable body: It is associated with a sturdy build and impressive quality. It is designed with the strong Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic material that is equipped with a melting point of 105 degree Celsius. With its powerful 300 watts motor, its durability has been increased tremendously.

Less noisy: This particular hand blender produces lesser sound when you will going to operate this and it is a very big benefit in homes where toddlers are living.

Easy cleaning: It is featured with amazing beater ejector that makes the cleaning a completely trouble-free experience. One has to just press a button and the beaters are going to be ejected easily. Thus, one can clean as well as store it in a separate manner. One can also put its attachments in the sink and then simply clean it with a soap solution.

So, now with Philips Daily Collection HR1459, your cooking experience will get increased tremendously.

Hindware Cleo 60 - Is Good Kitchen Chimney? [Review]

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Every single people require a stylish and healthy kitchen and to maintain it perfectly, a kitchen has to be free from all sorts of odors, fumes, grease, steam, and gases. So, if you want to achieve this kind of ideal kitchen for your home, then you should install a top-class modular or electric kitchen chimney. These types of chimneys are often called as cooker hood. If you need a well- decorated kitchen, then a kitchen chimney is the best option. It will make your cooking experience convenient, easy, and incredible one. It can help to eliminate harmful dirt and smoke. A modular kitchen chimney is a perfect choice for reshuffling a kitchen.

Hindware Cleo 60 - Is Good Kitchen Chimney? [Review]

Hindware Cleo 60
If you are tired of your kitchen’s unbearable aroma, then it could be the reason for insufficient ventilation in your kitchen. You can definitely choose Hindware 1200 m3/Hr Cleo 60 cm Auto Clean Hood that has come with great effectiveness and futuristic design. This particular hood makes sure that the smoke and fumes from your cooktop don’t spread across the other parts of your house. 

This hood is featured with the elegant color accent that has made it a perfect choice for most of the kitchen décors. A major advantage of using this hood is that it simplifies the overall cleaning process associated with it. Some impressive features of this specific kitchen chimney are as follows:
Style and Size: It is basically a stainless steel and wall-mounted hood that is featured with black toughened glass. It is associated with the size and dimensions of 600mm and (600x500x520) mm respectively. It is also featured with the energy efficient and incredible LED lamps. 

Brush silver finish or Inox color:  This Auto Clean Hood has come with a brush silver as well as Inox color scheme. These elegant colors will enhance the looks and feel of your modular kitchens.
3 speed touch control:  It is associated with efficient functionality and futuristic design as well as it is providing a complete control over the three speed levels. These 3 speeds can be regulated through a touch-sensitive interface. 

Capacity: It is featured with the airflow capacity of 1200 m3/hr and also involved with the feature of water auto-clean along with oil collector cup. An impressive metallic blower and SS Baffle Filter are also installed in it. It is featured with 3 Speed Soft Touch Control for your convenience.
Energy Requirement: This specific kitchen hood requires the voltage of 220-240V/50Hz and 58 dB(A) is its associated noise level.

Price, Warranty, and Package: It comes with a budget-friendly and affordable price of ₹22,990.00. The specific kitchen hood is featured with the warranty of 1 year (Comprehensive) as well as 5 Years (on Motor). The product package is associated with 1 Cooker hood, 1 Remote, 1 User Manual, and the Fixture materials.

The hindware 1200 m3/hr cleo 60 cm is an incredible and auto clean kitchen chimney that can be the best solution for your dream kitchen. It is featured with an incredible design and it also provides an effective solution of cooking fumes and smoke.