Which is Best Pressure Cooker To Cook Awesome Food?

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The most imperative advantage of utilizing a pressure cooker is that it altogether decreases the cooking time. Cooking in a pressure cooker is additionally the quickest strategy for cooking scrumptious and healthy foods. Today's pressure cookers are to a great degree protected and simple to utilize. By sealed cooking of food, trapped steam creates interior pressures and furthermore raises the temperature. The amplified temperature, as well as pressure fundamentally, accelerates the cooking procedure. 

How To Select the Best Pressure Cooker in India?

Pressure cooking can cook food in almost 1/3 of the time that is needed to cook ordinarily and often more than 10 times quicker. Contrasted with a microwave, the food tastes extensively better. A pressure cooker can boil potatoes in 5 minutes, and chicken in 20 minutes. The pressure cooker in India is an incredibly helpful appliance. Some of the best pressure cookers in India is mentioned below for your convenience.

1). Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker
The extremely valued Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker and has an induction bottom and a multitude of other best quality traits. It is produced from pure Aluminium to guarantee zero stains, this cooker boasts of best quality raw materials. Honed over a time period with the brand Prestige engineering, anticipated the most excellent with modern innovations plus features. Added to that, the stylish design as well as impressive finish, this pressure cooker is a total delight to cook with.
  • The Prestige Popular Outer Lid Aluminium Pressure Cooker is compatible to gas stoves and has an Anti-protuberance bottom and exactitude weight worth
  • Metallic security plug with gasket discharge system
  • Has handles that are very comfortable and handy.

2). Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker
The Contura pressure cooker from Hawkins is the best pressure cooker in India 2017 and is intended to craft your cooking experience faster and more pleasurable. The hard-anodized aluminium used to manufacture the cooker will not react with food, and hence you can have harmless and healthy food. With a sturdy structure and aluminium body, this is a strong pressure cooker that is hard-wearing enough to go on for years and years of food preparation. The handle bars are also strong as they are not bonded to the handles. They, in fact, form a portion of the alloy handle itself. This guarantees that these stay cold grip bars are strong and endures longer than usual pots.

The 60-micron oxide coating allows the pressure cooker to take up heat quicker thereby saving extra energy. The Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Aluminium Pressure Cooker can be utilized to cook on gas stoves. It has a curved body which makes stirring food very easy. Planned with a wide opening, this cooker gives you a clear sight of its contents. Vegetables, rice as well as meats can cook faster and that too in a short time with this aluminium Contura pressure cooker. You can cook a meal for at least 3-4 people with the help of this pressure cooker.
  • Hard oxidized coated body with stainless steel cover
  • Black body helps to heat faster
  • Will not corrode or even react with food
  • Can remove food easily.

3). Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base Hard Anodized Outer Lid Pressure Handis

Prestige Deluxe Plus Baby Induction Base
Deluxe Plus hard Anodized Pressure Cooker gives you the comfort of aluminium cookers and the quality of anodization, making it scratch safe, recolor safe and stick safely. This pressure cooker accompanies induction base which can work in light of any heat source and empowers you to cook flavourful dishes sagaciously at the most elevated amount of security through its pressure marker which rises above the lid when the pressure inside turns to zero, giving an obvious sign to safely open the cooker. It is likewise stylishly attractive to even dish up at the table.

The ergonomic plan of the Prestige Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized Aluminium Baby Handi no doubt is the best pressure cooker brand and helps in taste retaining as well flavors and nutrition of the food. Rich and valuable, this handi will add to the style quotient of your kitchen. Prestige has risen as India's biggest kitchen machines organization and is a fraction of the renowned TTK Prestige group. In the course of recent decades, it has set up itself as a market pioneer in the home appliances spot, making it the favored decision for a huge number of buyers in the nation. The brand prides itself on the security of its machines, development, and strength.
Features :-
  • Pressure pointer
  • Induction base
  • Precision weight regulator
  • Guarded GRS
  • Comfy handles.

4). Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

The all new Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus pressure cooker accompanies a hard anodized body and a rich stainless steel top. Which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen? Its induction base is intended for even circulation of heat. Likewise, it additionally includes an implicit security marker as pressure pointers, safety plug and controlled gasket release framework. With the glass top this pressure cooker can likewise be utilized to serve. So purchase and bring home the Deluxe Duo Plus weight cooker, it's yet another Prestige item you can trust.
  • Lid made of stainless steel and glass
  • Long-lasting handles
  • Ladle holder
  • Hard oxidized coated body

5). Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker
This Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker is a balanced decision for customers on a financial plan. Strong anodized material guarantees life span and unwavering quality even with constant usage. A few clients even imagine that this pressure cooker makes a superior general work with regards to cooking constantly than ones made with different sorts of material. In spite of the fact that it's not dishwasher safe, this pressure cooker can be easily cleaned due to its non-stick exterior.

A wonderful mix of frame and capacity, Futura is the best aluminium pressure cooker and the only one on the planet to have been exhibited by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Futura cooks all things on an average 46% quicker than a microwave. The delightful, strong dark finish has two advantages. It makes the pressure cooker assimilate heat quicker making it more vitality proficient. The only one of its kind pressure controlling framework gives you the comfort of fingertip pressure discharge and avoids obstructing of the steam vent. The twofold thick base remains flat, warms uniformly and is perfect for light frying before pressure cooking. Appropriate for gas, electric, halogen and ceramic cooktops.
  • Hard oxidized coating body plus stainless steel cover.
  • Black body helps in heating things faster.
  • Will not rust or oppose food.
  • Thick base stays flat, appropriate for all cooktops apart from induction.
Conclusion :- We have provided perfect guide for people who are looking for pressure cooker. You can go with any of the above mentioned brands and have tasty food at the home. Every kitchen needs good pressure cooker to cook food or to boil something. For more updates, keep visiting us.

High Rated Best Gas Stove For Indian Kitchen (2017)

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Indian ladies have a great hand with cooking on the live fire. Prior, they were utilizing "chulha" which was burnt by means of natural fuels like cow dung cakes etc., however, it was not healthy as it gave out a lot of pollution. In any case, things are altered these days, and with the passage of time, Indian women are presently utilizing contemporary technologies to cook food at home.

Top 5 Best Gas Stove For Indian Kitchen (2017) 

Gas Stove without an iota of doubt is an incredible discovery of human life which gives same to the food and uses natural gas to cook food at home. Each lady enjoys best gas stove tops as it has the least risk while being used. Another preferred standpoint of utilizing gas stove is it is dependable. Gas stoves are light in weight and produced using light metal, so they are for the most part long lasting.

Pros/Cons of Top 5 Best Gas Stove in India

Below are some of the detail reviews, pros/cons and positive points and negative points of the gas stove which are selling in high numbers in india. Brands like prestige, glen, pigeon, sunflame are most popular brands in india for gas stove cooktop.

1). Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table

Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table
On the off chance that you are prepared to trade off with outline and appearance yet not with the performance and just need to go with the best gas stove brand then Prestige gas stoves are the top alternatives for you. They don't trade off with performance. This gas stove has 4 burners, glass top table yet not in double color. It comes only in a single color that is black. It also has glass top as well as four special burners with separate pan hold up. 

The burners utilized as a part of this gas stove are of high caliber, called tri-pin burners. The handles for gas controls are ergonomically designed very alluring, simple to utilize and very smooth. The other portion of the stove is made of stainless steel, very tough and strong. Which makes this gas stove bit heavy.
  • Leak-proof design.
  • Knobs are ergonomically designed.
  • Highly efficient tri-pin burners.
  • Graceful black hard-edged glass top.

2). Pigeon Troika Glass-ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon Troika Glass-ceramic
Specifically created for present day kitchens, this best gas stove 3 burners is accessible in various shapes to compliment your kitchen. The gas top has special tubular legs for solid and firm grasp. This manual ignition item is simple in maintaining as well as cleaning. The tri-pin metal burners are backed-up by skillet curves. The thoroughly dark-hued exquisite looks with front-glass make it ultra-present day cooktop. 

India's very first model with front glass will surely add an additional class to your kitchen. The unique pan back-up improves balance. The item is covered with a rust-proof coating to include sturdiness. The glass look makes your kitchen trendy and glossy.
  • Body coated with rust proof powder.
  • Tri-pin brass burners to distribute even flame.
  • Triple burner for handy cooking.
  • Made of Stainless steel with glass top and is Black in color.

3). Sunflame GT Regal Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas

Sunflame GT Regal Stainless Steel
Sunflame’s presence in the Indian kitchens for over three decades has always tried to give homemakers the most recent in innovation and making cooking a lavish and pleasurable experience. Their nonstop quests for the genuine comprehension of client’s needs and necessities have made us continually imaginative. Continually investigating the likelihood of new outlines, technologies, elements and developments with an incredible weight on R&D, Sunflame has set up its administration in making better items for its customers. These burners consume lesser LPG and give more heat. Aside from their great looks and higher productivity, they are enduring. 

Besides they are also heat as well as break safe, these are scratch and stain-proof so these are easy to clean and maintain. This stove is a brilliant non-attractive matt finish stainless steel base and longer existence with a special coating that does not allow chipping off. Stainless steel drip plate - cutting edge handles makes this the best gas stove.

  • Comes in black granite finish with toughened glass cooktop.
  • Pan supports are euro coated and the gas stove also contains stainless steel drip trays.
  • Base is made of powder coated metal sheet.
  • Material is Stainless Steel.

4). Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033 GT Glass Gas Stove

Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033
Deal with your cooking tasks quick with the GL 1033 GT glass cooktop. With an 8 mm thick hard-edged glass top and rich matte steel body, this sturdy cooktop adds to your kitchen stylistic layout and is east to keep up. Upgrading its solidness are the aluminum composite burners. Purchase this Glen cooktop and it can be your cooking companion for a considerable length of time. Highlighting multi-spark auto start, you won't require lighters and matchsticks to light the burner. 

You should simply press its auto start button to turn on the burner. The high focal separation outline of this cooktop empowers you to cook on all burners at the same time. When cooking in rush or cooking vegetables that take quite a while you can make utilization of its high fire burner as it permits speedier cooking.
  • This gas stove comes with 3 Burners.
  • Body is made of rich matt steel.
  • For enduring life, it is fitted with Aluminum Alloy Burners.
  • Additional strong pan support.

5). Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove
Now you can cook your most loved dishes with joy in this Prestige Marvel 2 burner best gas stove in India. This gas stove has a smart make and utilitarian components that make it an absolute necessity in kitchens. Being made of high-quality grade material, it is corrosion resistant as well. These burners are strong and have a delicate finish. 

It has a gleaming metallic side that enables clients to cook in an advantageous way. Also, the sides don't overheat while cooking. This gas stove from Prestige scores high on both utility and looks. It has toughened glass top that makes it appropriate for current kitchens. Cleaning and removing stains is simple.
  • This gas stove is designed with spill proof .
  • Knobs are ergonomically designed.
  • Tri-pin burners are highly efficient.
  • Stylish black unbreakable glass top.
  • Additional drip tray for trouble-free cleaning.
Conclusion :- These are the best gas stove which you can buy for your home use. For indian kitchen, these are the best gas stove tops, we have included 3 burner, 2 burner and 4 burner gas stove, choose the best one you like.

Which Are the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India for Home Use? (2017)

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All of us love to keep our homes slick and clean. However, keeping your home's dust free requires thorough and tedious cleaning. You need to mop, wipe and wash away all the dirt. As an alternative, you can get the best vacuum cleaner that will make all these difficult jobs of housecleaning a manageable one. 

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner in India for Home (2017)

There are numerous meek vacuum cleaners with high levels of suction in both Bagged and Bagless vacuum cleaners. At present, Bagless vacuum cleaners are very famous on the grounds that these are less demanding and significantly easier to handle. Yet, it may not be the alternative for you if you or any of your family members are allergic to in the Bagless ones; you need to remove the dust by hand. Bagged models are more hygienically clean as the dust collects in a sealed bag.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use in India

Below is a list of best vacuum cleaner for home based on their functioning to help you to select:

1). Karcher WD3/MV3 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD3

The WD3 vacuum cleaner is a multi-reason one and is very efficient as a 1400-watt vacuum cleaner, with only a power prerequisite of 1000 watts. Its anti-shock and the powerful plastic holder has a 17-liter capacity. The cartridge channel gives you comfort to vacuum wet plus dry dirt without changing the filter. 

The important part is played by the new suction hose and the recently created removable floor nozzle with a mixer which helps in perfect intake of dirt. The effectively separable handle empowers you to connect accessories directly to the suction hose. The parking position empowers helpful transitional stopping of floor spout and suction pipe amid breaks in work. Extra additional items, for example, the Pull and Push locking framework, the blowing capacity, the practical cable, and accessory storage, makes using the WD3 easy.
Features :-
  • Detailed cartridge filter
  • Floor nozzle as well as suction hose
  • Pull in addition to Push locking system
  • Ergonomically-shaped moving handle
  • Compact built style.

2). Panasonic MC-CG303 Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-CG303
This little fashionable, productive vacuum cleaner has every one of the qualities you need in a vacuum cleaner. It has been planned remembering the different types of dust we need to come across every day. It is extremely effective without any compromise on its cleaning capacities. It is easy to handle and hence you will not find it a strain when you are using the vacuum cleaner to clean your house. 

It has a top notch manufacturer quality which feels exceptionally pleasant to deal with as well as work with. It's lightweight so it's easy to deal with. It has different connections with it which additionally enhances its cleaning capacities. Its additional wand plastic implies that you will never need to strive excessively to clean the floors. The extensive wheels toward the end imply that movement is never a matter while cleaning.
  • Air dust trapper
  • 1.2 L dust capability
  • 1400 W power motor
  • 5 m length of cord
  • 400 W suction power
  • Eco power plus compact.

3). Bosch Skil 8715 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Skil 8715
Everybody acknowledges that family unit cleaning work is truly monotonous and it might require even a great deal of interest as well as motivation to complete it in an ideal way. Keeping in mind the end goal to finish the cleaning assignment on time, you ought to locate a perfect accomplice for you, which can be nothing other than Bosch wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner gives entire cleaning arrangement for homes. 

The Bosch wet and dry vacuum cleaner is controlled by 1500 W engine which can offer powerful suction abilities in both wet and dry condition. This implies you can clean the surface in a bother free manner with no exertion. The simple to utilize vacuum cleaner is an entire answer for all your cleaning needs paying little heed to surface that you are utilizing it on. You are certain to appreciate the intense execution of this exceedingly powerful vacuum cleaner.

Features :-
  • Competent clean-up for different facades,
  • Compact plus sleek plan
  • Superior technology
  • Ergonomic pattern
  • HEPA filtrate.

4). Black & Decker VM2825 Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker VM2825
This Black and Decker best vacuum cleaner in India incorporates advanced innovation keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill the cleaning needs of the clients and to promote cleanliness level. It is portable and hence meets your needs of cleaning and giving hygienic ambiance to your homes. 

This energy proficient vacuum cleaner incorporates cyclonic dust removal innovation, which assumes an important part in speeding up the flow of air into the whirling cyclonic movement. This innovation upgrades the high productivity of the gadget in cleaning the dust and dirt. As the wind current is quickened in a cyclonic movement, the dirty can get isolated effectively. Besides, the dust is removed before they reach the filter.
  • 6 cyclonic dirt separation for advanced cleaning
  • Dust container parts are washable 
  • The vacuum cleaner is portable
  • Single touch fast empty attribute
  • Crevice tool plus upholstery brush.

5). RODAK "MobileStation 2 20 L" Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

RODAK "MobileStation 2 20 L
This is a vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning a pleasurable assignment without consuming much energy. Completely foreign made from the EU, RODAK "MobileStation 2" Domestic Wet and Dry Extraction Vacuum Cleaner with 1200 Watt Motor, 20 L tank limit and furnished with blow capacity is a helpful device for cleaning the house. 

Outfitted with a capable engine, Rodak plastic clean station uses just 1400 Watts to work and works on a voltage of 230V and 50Hz. It is a spotless station with dust bag capacity of 20L. It is a versatile model having 4m of power cord which makes it simple to move around easily. This vacuum cleaner is the most excellent one for home interior use.

  • Excellent for home
  • Lots of attachment for different kinds of cleaning
  • Both Dry plus Wet cleaning
  • It is portable and hence can be moved around easily
  • Adequate  power cord length.

Final Words :- Either you want to Contribute in swachh bharat abhiyan, or want to clean your home, Vacuum cleaner is important appliance to have. In today's world, where we have very short time, you need to have tool like vacuum cleaner which helps you to clean your home easily. We have listed all kind of vacuum cleaners, buy the best one suits your needs.

How to Select The Best Microwave Oven For Home Use in 2017?

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Microwave stoves are very much in demand these days in the market. They have become more of a necessity than a luxury. The days are gone when we utilized microwave ovens just to warm the food. But these days they are utilized to prepare food in different but simple ways. There are loads of things you have to consider before buying the best microwave oven.

Top 5 Best Microwave Oven in India 2017

  1. Morphy Richards 25CG with 200 ACM Convection Microwave
  2. Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 2200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven
  3. Samsung GW731KD-S/XTL Grill Microwave Oven
  4. IFB 20SC2 20-Litre 1200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven
  5. Whirlpool Magicook Elite Convection Microwave Oven

List of Features Every Microwave Oven Must Have

The different features of a Microwave oven to look for are:

Automatic sensors

An automatic sensor helps in determining when the food is cooked and helps the oven shut off automatically.

Power rating

Microwaves normally come with power rating between 600 – 1,500 watts.

Control panel

Automatic controls are fine for intense and rough handling.

Multi-stage cooking

This attribute facilitates you to cook at diverse power settings as well as stages of the food preparation cycle.

Auto defrost in addition to steam cooking

Auto defrost helps you to pick only the kind and weight of the food. Steam cooking is the latest feature that has been added to ovens and due to this trait, you need to only fill water in the reservoir. Once the water starts to evaporate, the steam warms the food by adding moisture to it.
Additional features  that you also need to look for are:
  • Child safety lock
  • Speed-cook/combination mode
  • Bi-level cooking
I have mentioned below a few of the best microwave oven in India brands for you:

1). Morphy Richards 25CG with 200 ACM Convection Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards 25CG
When you try to do quite a lot of things – both professionally and personally, you wouldn't have any desire to spend the entire couple of hours that you get at home on a weekday slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. Hug innovation that helps in saving time and energy without bargaining on quality and taste. 

When you need it all and you need it ideal, you would need none other than this Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven. Its huge capacity of 25 liters helps you get ready meals for a bigger social event. With convection innovation, the heat in the chamber flows uniformly, and the food gets cooked consistently and quickly while saving power.
  • 200 auto cook options
  • 11 power levels
  • Auto defrost
  • Microwave, grill plus convection functions
  • Deodorize function
  • Child lock freezes
  • Overheat sensory protection

2). Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ
Godrej GMX 20CA5-MLZ 20 Liters Convection Microwave is the best microwave oven brand. The stainless steel stove can warm up food for a moderate size family on account of the 24.5 cm (Dia.) turntable in it that uniformly warms up food based on your prerequisite. The tradition sort microwave stove has a power yield of 2200W and conveys a fast cooking process. 

It has a mirror glass door and is produced using great quality stainless steel. Fabricated in the alluring black shade, this productive microwave stove has a computerized display with affability dial sort control and a cooking completion pointer. It has a general measurement of 24.2cm x 45 cm x 32 cm and weighs 14.4 kg.
  • Convection
  • Multistage Cooking
  • Auto Protection
  • 140 InstaCook Menu

3). Samsung GW731KD-S/XTL
Grill Microwave Oven

Samsung GW731KD
Serve delicious pizzas, pasta, and different snacks to visitors and family with the Samsung 20Ltr GW731KD-S/XTL Grill Microwave. The different component warms and cooks food very quickly. You can profit by the simple operability of its LED display. 

The Eco Button helps you spare power. The triple warmth dispersion framework helps in the even dissemination of heat which helps you cook nourishment quicker and better. The oven additionally has a fast defrost ability which enables you to defrost food quickly.
  • Grill function
  • Epoxy cavity
  • Mechanical control
  • 44 auto cook menu
  • 6 microwave power levels
  • Led display

4). IFB 20SC2 20-Litre 1200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven

The IFB 20SC2 20-Liter 1200-Watt Convection Microwave Oven is comprised of stainless steel and accompanies a LED with a display clock which is useful in watching out for the operations going on. 10 control levels and 10 temperature levels are presented inside this item that will help you in keeping up a flawless temperature while cooking your food. 

This microwave stove has the capacity of every distinctive sort of ovens like it gives you alternatives of the barbecue, microwave, and a convection oven.

  • Multi-stage cooking
  • 24 auto cook menus
  • Weight defrost
  • Keeps food warm
  • Child safety Lock
  • Led display

5). Whirlpool Magicook Elite Convection Microwave Oven

Whirlpool Magicook Elite
It is difficult to think about our lives without a microwave oven nowadays. They have made cooking simple, as well as we don't have to experience all the inconvenience of heating as well as reheating food on the gas stove as with a microwave, it is a breeze. The Whirlpool Magicook Elite Exotica Microwave Oven is one awesome decision that you have, on the off chance that you are searching for one. It highlights 118 auto cooking menu and a few of the instant dishes that you can plan utilizing this oven is pasta, noodles, oats, omelet, and significantly more. All you have to is press a button and wait for the dishes to get cooked. There are alternatives like 'low-fat nourishment' and 'veggie lover food as well. 

A cutting edge and excellent outline, this microwave is ideal for particular kitchens. It has a smooth and minimized casing and does not consume much room. The turntable is produced using amazing fiber with a diameter of 245 mm. The stainless steel hole has a LED display alongside feather touch buttons. The color of this microwave oven is black and hence will fit any kind of stylistically laid out kitchens. 

  • Convection and grill function
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Feather touch control
  • 118 auto cook menu
  • 10 microwave power levels
  • Led display.

After reading about the different brands of microwave ovens you would now have come to know as to which is the best microwave oven. You can go with the Morphy Richards 25CG, it is the best convectional type of microwave oven in india.

India's Top Selling Air Coolers For Home Use 2017

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Through the mechanism of evaporation of water, air coolers are electrical appliances that cool air. These days, air cooler technology has enhanced and hence they perform tasks like humidity control, low water indication, etc. You can buy air coolers with remote control for your convenience. So when you buy air coolers then look for its water tank capacity, speed setting, and timer features and then pick your brand.

Top 5 Best Air Cooler in India 2017

1). Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler
This cooler accompanies a full-work remote, a conservative plan and beautiful looks. Suitable for bedrooms as the wind stream can be effectively set at bed level, it additionally accompanies a sleep-timer utility. The Symphony hicool air cooler is one of the most intelligent cooling gadgets. With its high insight and powerful cooling, this gadget is certain to chill a room off in minutes. This apparatus can store water up to 31 liters, guaranteeing that it won't run out soon. Likewise, this water cooler has a high air conveyance rate of 1,750 cubic meters. To guarantee that the water stays cool throughout the day, this gadget additionally accompanies a top notch ice chamber.
The Symphony hicool 185W air cooler, the best air cooler in India, utilizes Dura-pump innovation to guarantee stability. This savvy water cooler controls humidity, alongside honeycomb cooling pads. You can control the appliance speed, switch it on/off and furthermore set a sleep timer with the assistance of a comprehensible remote control. Additionally, this appliance guarantees continuous cooling notwithstanding power cuts, as it comes with an inverter.

2). Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler

Bajaj Platini Air Cooler
A standout amongst the best methods for cooling your rooms in the sweltering warmth is by utilizing an air cooler. The Bajaj PX 97 air cooler is one of the best choices to beat the summer. The air cooler has the ability to cool a room that measures 13.9 square meters. It has a capable air throw of 9.1 meters. The body of the air cooler is made of engineering thermoplastic material that does away with corrosion. It has an expansive water tank limit of 36 liters. It likewise has a splendid cooling limit. The cooling innovation utilized is advanced and ensures that the room is cooled equitably and quick.
The Bajaj PX 97 air cooler additionally has an air conveyance of 1800 cubic meters for every hour at top speed and 1300 cubic meters for each hour on an average. Due to its versatility and castor wheels, it can be moved from room to room with no trouble. The apparatus also has an inverter so that you can remain cool notwithstanding any power cuts.

3). Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Greaves air cooler
With the Crompton Greaves PAC air cooler leave the issue of warmth, dirt, and dust behind. This comparable individual air cooler is an absolute necessity purchase for every single little space. With a conservative plan, it will pleasantly fit into any interior. It additionally accompanies capable cooling innovation by means of air toss, speed control, and air deflection mechanics. The air cooler contains plastic castor wheels for simplicity of movability. Its mechanized louver instrument and water level markers make the machine significantly more advantageous to utilize.

It has a water tank limit of 20 liters making it immaculate to use in smaller spaces like office desk areas and little rooms. It has a noteworthy air toss scope of 20 feet and gives cooling scope to up to 150 square feet of floor space. The air cooler functions better, when utilized with the ice pack rather than simply the water tank. The ice pack component truly improves the machine's cooling usefulness.

4). Symphony Touch 35-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler
The future of air coolers has arrived with the Symphony Touch 35-Litre Air Cooler being the best air cooler for home use! Symphony Touch 35 is stacked with new age highlights like touchscreen board, voice help and mosquito repellent that are incomprehensible in the space of air cooling. With its stunning looks, honeycomb cooling pads and effective cooling helped by the intense blower, this mechanical wonder will most likely bait you to Touch it. For rooms, up to 57 m3/2000 ft3 Large 35-liter tank limit Consumes only 185 watts.

The i-PURE innovation will have PM2.5 wash filter, microbes channel, sensitivity channel and smell and clean channel for conveying cool and immaculate air. The Touch range has computerized touch screen for easy operations, and intelligent component 'voice help' leads the client while working the cooler.

5). Kenstar 15 Litre Tower cooler

Kenstar Air Cooler
On the off chance that you need to keep humidity and heat under control, the Kenstar 15 Liter Tower cooler, accessible is a perfect decision. It can be utilized as a part of any home or office space. The exemplary white shading looks will supplement the stylistic theme of any room. It can even be fueled by an inventor, so you can remain cool regardless of the possibility that there is a power cut. This feature-rich and a la mode, Kenstar Ice Tower cooler is a basic machine for any family unit. 

The body is made of ABS and this guarantees sturdiness and in this manner a more drawn out life expectancy for the item. This body material is likewise rust proof and consumption safe. The cooler measures 345 x 340 x 885 mm and the net weight is 11 kilograms. It has a mosquito net/clean channel. This Ice Tower cooler from Kenstar the best air cooler in India 2017 has a water tank limit of 20 liters and it likewise has a water level marker. 

The cooling medium is honeycomb. The air cooler has an intense air conveyance limit of 1160 m3/h, which empowers instantaneous and alike cooling. The air toss distance is 10.66 m. The power utilization of the air cooler is 130 W. The engine's RPM is 1400, making this a capable air cooler. It has a vertical mechanized louver development and a float regulator.

Final verdict: - These are the air coolers available in market as of now. You can buy any of the best air coolers list as mentioned above and get relief from the heat. We have reviewed almost all top air coolers and from different price group. Now check for the air cooler which fulfill your requirement and buy it online.

The 5 Best Split AC in India 2017 (1.5 ton - 2 ton)

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In a hot and sticky nation like India, having the capacity to beat the warmth in the solace of your house is an extravagance. Summer is practically around the corner and the majority of us begin stressing over the hot and moist climate we are going to confront. While the more regrettable is yet to come in the following couple of months, you should remain prepared previously and get a new best AC. All because of the ACs, we can have that chilly breeze in the hot climate to calm us.

Top 5 Best Split AC in India 2017 - Review of ACs

  1. Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Split AC
  2. Kenstar 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC 
  3. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
  4. Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC
  5. Blue Star BI-3HW18FATX Split AC
The air conditioner has become a must during the summers particularly in case you live in hot and humid places where the temperature is very high. Mere ceiling fans or even air coolers will not suffice with the scorching sun.

With regards to picking the correct one, we as a whole get overpowered with a sea of choices accessible in the market. Presently you don't have to stress over electricity bill shocks while utilizing your air conditioner as the contemporary products are significantly more power effective while offering superior cooling in your room.

Without a doubt, ACs , particularly split air conditioners, are among the most selling electronics during summer. So without more commotion, we will help you to pick the right ACs. Below is the list of the Best Air conditioner in India 2017.

1). Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, SAC 173 IY)

Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Split AC
The sleep mode of Voltas split AC the Best Air conditioner in india 2017 will provide you with a relaxing nights sleep and the Turbo Mode offers immediate cooling. The distinctive 3D airflow facilitates both vertical as well as horizontal movement for the swing to work to give a fast consistent cooling, so assuring there will be no hot pockets in your room. The features of the product are:

  • 45 dBA Silence
  • Triple security filter
  • Turbo approach
  • Dual Display
  • Lock Button
  • Glow Light Buttons
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Intsta cool compressor for instant cooling

2). Kenstar 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (Aluminum, KSZ55.WS1-MDA

Kenstar 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC
This Best split ac in india lets you get pleasure from fresh and chilly air in summer and beat the heat in style. This air conditioner guarantees upgraded cooling as it comes furnished with 4-way wind stream avoidance, turbo cool mode and different components which cool the room and gives great comfort even during the severe heat of the summer. 

The Indoor Unit measures 940 X 298 X 200 mm and is 11 kg in weight. The Outdoor Unit measures 780 X 540 X 260 mm and weighs 34 kg. It comes in white shading with a rich red strip and is a perfect addition to your home or even your workplace.

  • Sleep Mode
  • Power savings.
  • Auto Restart:
  • On/Off timer:
  • Auto clean
  • Variable speed setting
  • Louver step adjust
  • Bluefin evaporator
  • Anti-Bacteria filter
  • Dehumidification feature
  • Energy competence fraction of 3.51 W/W

3). Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
You can carry home clean air when you buy Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC which has traits like three-fold hybrid filter a combo of cold catalyst, vitamin C filter to entrap dust smoke, pollutants, bacteria and Nano platinum so as to provide your home a clean and odor-free ambiance. 

In case you are looking to substitute your very old window AC with an energy competent product so as to bide goodbye to heavy expenditures on power bills then the best 1.5 ton split ac in india is Carrier without a doubt a grand alternative. The Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC is an excellent alternative for your home which provides chic decors.
  • Auto detector
  • Security lock
  • i-PM2.5 Filter 
  • Refrigerant leakage detector
  • Electrostatic carbon filter
  • Sleep mode
  • Auto restart
  • Turbo mode
  • Auto swing
  • Rust safeguard
  • LED display
  • 24x7 timer
  • Nexgen dehumidifier
  • Smart diagnosis 

4). Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (Aluminum, AR18MC5ULGM)

Samsung’s AC will not let your home be damp as well as muggy. Samsung’s air conditioner is the most suitable option to get rid of surplus moisture from your surroundings.  Without an iota of doubt, there will be no requirement for you to pour out a water bucket for certain!  Excellent Sleep approach generates the pleasing type of weather for an excellent night’s sleep. 

With Samsung AR18MC5ULGM Split AC you can control temperature and moisture adjustments so that it may provide you with a comfy feel while you sleep. Samsung ACs deliver dominant cooling at a low electric power, assuring that you preserve money in addition to energy – devoid of any comfort lost. With high effectiveness than a usual air conditioner, you will be able to see the variation when your electricity bill arrives.

  • Speedy cooling
  • Maintains clean air
  • Steady performance
  • get pleasure from a good night’s sleep
  • Lets you stay fresh
  • Dehumidification
  • Low watt

5). Blue Star BI-3HW18FATX Split AC

Blue Star BI-3HW18FATX Split AC
Get winter-like temperature on a warm summer day with the Blue Star 3HW18FAX1 Split AC. It has a temperature plus timer control which is clever enough to turn off the device when the wanted temperature is attained, thereby saving power and decreasing the monthly electric bill. With a superior quality rotating compressor, it seeks to convey constantly even when there are surges in power supply. 

  • Energy saving
  • High-efficiency rotary compressor
  • Self diagnosis
  • Dust filter
  • Active carbon filter
  • Silver Ion filter
  • Sleep mode
  • Dry mode

Final Verdict: The above-mentioned brands are regarded as the Best ac in India 2017. This brand worth remarked over here is established on our insight of a variety of brands obtainable in India. Some people might have had excellent experience with brands not mentioned in this article as well, but then their presence in the market is too little to make a verdict.