India’s Top Selling Air Coolers For Home Use 2019

India’s Top Selling Air Coolers For Home Use 2019

Through the mechanism of evaporation of water, air coolers are electrical appliances that cool air. These days, air cooler technology has enhanced and hence they perform tasks like humidity control, low water indication, etc. You can buy air coolers with remote control for your convenience. So when you buy air coolers then look for its water tank capacity, speed setting, and timer features and then pick your brand.

Top 5 Best Air Cooler in India 2019

1). Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler

This cooler accompanies a full-work remote, a conservative plan and beautiful looks. Suitable for bedrooms as the wind stream can be effectively set at bed level, it additionally accompanies a sleep-timer utility. The Symphony hicool air cooler is one of the most intelligent cooling gadgets. With its high insight and powerful cooling, this gadget is certain to chill a room off in minutes. This apparatus can store water up to 31 liters, guaranteeing that it won’t run out soon. Likewise, this water cooler has a high air conveyance rate of 1,750 cubic meters. To guarantee that the water stays cool throughout the day, this gadget additionally accompanies a top notch ice chamber.

The Symphony hicool 185W air cooler, the best air cooler in India, utilizes Dura-pump innovation to guarantee stability. This savvy water cooler controls humidity, alongside honeycomb cooling pads. You can control the appliance speed, switch it on/off and furthermore set a sleep timer with the assistance of a comprehensible remote control. Additionally, this appliance guarantees continuous cooling notwithstanding power cuts, as it comes with an inverter.

2). Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler

Bajaj Platini Air Cooler

A standout amongst the best methods for cooling your rooms in the sweltering warmth is by utilizing an air cooler. The Bajaj PX 97 air cooler is one of the best choices to beat the summer. The air cooler has the ability to cool a room that measures 13.9 square meters. It has a capable air throw of 9.1 meters. The body of the air cooler is made of engineering thermoplastic material that does away with corrosion. It has an expansive water tank limit of 36 liters. It likewise has a splendid cooling limit. The cooling innovation utilized is advanced and ensures that the room is cooled equitably and quick.

The Bajaj PX 97 air cooler additionally has an air conveyance of 1800 cubic meters for every hour at top speed and 1300 cubic meters for each hour on an average. Due to its versatility and castor wheels, it can be moved from room to room with no trouble. The apparatus also has an inverter so that you can remain cool notwithstanding any power cuts.

3). Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Greaves air cooler

With the Crompton Greaves PAC air cooler leave the issue of warmth, dirt, and dust behind. This comparable individual air cooler is an absolute necessity purchase for every single little space. With a conservative plan, it will pleasantly fit into any interior. It additionally accompanies capable cooling innovation by means of air toss, speed control, and air deflection mechanics. The air cooler contains plastic castor wheels for simplicity of movability. Its mechanized louver instrument and water level markers make the machine significantly more advantageous to utilize.

It has a water tank limit of 20 liters making it immaculate to use in smaller spaces like office desk areas and little rooms. It has a noteworthy air toss scope of 20 feet and gives cooling scope to up to 150 square feet of floor space. The air cooler functions better, when utilized with the ice pack rather than simply the water tank. The ice pack component truly improves the machine’s cooling usefulness.

4). Symphony Touch 35-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler

The future of air coolers has arrived with the Symphony Touch 35-Litre Air Cooler being the best air cooler for home use! Symphony Touch 35 is stacked with new age highlights like touchscreen board, voice help and mosquito repellent that are incomprehensible in the space of air cooling. With its stunning looks, honeycomb cooling pads and effective cooling helped by the intense blower, this mechanical wonder will most likely bait you to Touch it. For rooms, up to 57 m3/2000 ft3 Large 35-liter tank limit Consumes only 185 watts.

The i-PURE innovation will have PM2.5 wash filter, microbes channel, sensitivity channel and smell and clean channel for conveying cool and immaculate air. The Touch range has computerized touch screen for easy operations, and intelligent component ‘voice help’ leads the client while working the cooler.

5). Kenstar 15 Litre Tower cooler

Kenstar Air Cooler

On the off chance that you need to keep humidity and heat under control, the Kenstar 15 Liter Tower cooler, accessible is a perfect decision. It can be utilized as a part of any home or office space. The exemplary white shading looks will supplement the stylistic theme of any room. It can even be fueled by an inventor, so you can remain cool regardless of the possibility that there is a power cut. This feature-rich and a la mode, Kenstar Ice Tower cooler is a basic machine for any family unit. 

The body is made of ABS and this guarantees sturdiness and in this manner a more drawn out life expectancy for the item. This body material is likewise rust proof and consumption safe. The cooler measures 345 x 340 x 885 mm and the net weight is 11 kilograms. It has a mosquito net/clean channel. This Ice Tower cooler from Kenstar the best air cooler in India 2019 has a water tank limit of 20 liters and it likewise has a water level marker. 

The cooling medium is honeycomb. The air cooler has an intense air conveyance limit of 1160 m3/h, which empowers instantaneous and alike cooling. The air toss distance is 10.66 m. The power utilization of the air cooler is 130 W. The engine’s RPM is 1400, making this a capable air cooler. It has a vertical mechanized louver development and a float regulator.

Final verdict: – These are the air coolers available in market as of now. You can buy any of the best air coolers list as mentioned above and get relief from the heat. We have reviewed almost all top air coolers and from different price group. Now check for the air cooler which fulfill your requirement and buy it online.

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