Morphy Richards 25CG :- Good to Buy This Microwave Oven?

Morphy Richards 25CG :- Good to Buy This Microwave Oven?

In our busiest life, we need a reliable helping hand that will reduce our work as well as can do a lot of work in a small time and for cooking; there is no match of Microwave Oven whenever it’s a question of fast cooking keeping the food’s quality and taste intact. But, you have to choose the best Microwave Oven so that you can get a range of facilities and that too at a very affordable price. Your all worries will get evaporated after reading this article.

Overview of Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG

Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG

Morphy Richards is a popular brand name in the world of electrical appliances. Now, another feather has been added to its hat and it is MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven. Microwave oven has become a basic need of most of the household and Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven can be a perfect choice for your dream kitchen. Today’s working women have a very little time in their hand and they are always in search of that appliance, which can do a lot of things in a small time. This particular Microwave Oven will fulfill their desire. It is a smart idea to embrace the technology that has the ability to save both of the time and energy, without compromising the quality and taste. When you want them to happen in a perfect manner, you require one and only the best Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven.

Capacity of Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG

The capacity of the Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven is 25 litres, so you can easily manage to prepare meals for your large family. It uses convection technology so that the heat can be circulated evenly in the chamber. By the even circulation of the heat, the food gets cooked rapidly and uniformly and it also saves energy. It has two amazing options- Auto Defrost and 200 Auto Cook that will enable its users to run their desired program in only one step as well as they also don’t need to attend to it. It has 11 power levels and also a deodorizer in order to keep the chamber ventilated and fresh. You can experience a newborn chef within you with this microwave by cooking a range of foods. You can bake potato chips and cup cakes, toast nuts, preserve fresh herbs through evaporating their hidden moisture as well as you can cook plain rice, pasta, pulao, sweet corn kernels, carrot halwa, upma, chocolate fudge, paneer tikka, and dhokla. You can also steam broccoli and many other vegetables.

Cooking Features – Pr-Loaded Functions

It comprises of 200 Auto Cook functions. This particular feature will enable you to preset the desired timing and temperature as per the requirement of the cooking and also you need not figure out and do the manual setting. You can choose the desired levels from the range of 11 power levels. This feature enables you to control the required cooking temperature. Auto defrost feature can defrost the frozen foods and moves on cooking them at the correct settings- all of them in one step. This eliminates the requirement for the intervention after defrosting. Its Deodorize function helps to ventilate and keep freshen up the cavity, when it gets fill with strong odors and smoke. It has a special safety feature- Overheat sensory protection that automatically discontinues the operation in case of overheating.

Impressive Features of Morphy Richards 25CG

  • It has 25 litres of capacity.
  • You can choose from 200 different Auto Cook options.
  • There are 11 power levels for the customization of the temperature needed for cooking.
  • It has Auto defrost feature to defrost and cook in a single step automatically.
  • It has Microwave, Grill and Convection feature with preset option.
  • It has Deodorize function in order to ventilate and freshen up the cavity when it gets filled with strong odors and smoke.
  • It has mirror glass door.
  • It has stainless steel cavity to improve the reflection of microwaves to make heating faster and uniform.
  • It has an amazing feature- child lock that freezes the control panel and prevents the unintended alteration of the selected settings.
  • Foe safety, it has Overheat sensory protection that automatically discontinues the operation in case of overheating.
  • The product has come with a 2-year of warranty.
  • Power input: Microwave 1400 watts, Convection 2200 watts; Power output: 900 watts,
  • Grill 1000 watts,
  • The whole package includes Convection microwave, Baking plate, Turn table, Instruction manual, Customer care list and Guarantee card.

Your desire for a top-class microwave oven ends here. Buy Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG Microwave Oven today and give your kitchen a wonderful gift.

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